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​Discover a new way to experience water with the first aquatic E-bike designed to faithfully reproduce cycling performance in water.

N.B: Max weight 90Kg

Rent Hydrofoil E-Bike XE-1

Abbadia Lariana


Hydrofoil E-Bike XE-1 was born in 2011 in New Zealand, after years of studies and prototypes, exploiting the technology and design of the sailing boats participating in the America's Cup

Equipped with an electric motor, pedal assistance and carbon fiber foil, Manta 5 creates the first aquatic E-Bike in the world that faithfully reproduces the performance of a cyclist in water, opening the doors to a new way of experiencing water.

Mandatory and recommended equipment

- Buoyancy aid provided by us (Required)

- Rock shoes (Strongly recommended)

- Light wetsuit (Recommended)


Book now the day and time you prefer and show up a quarter of an hour early.

N.B: Maximum weight 90Kg for E-bikes.

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