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Training Hydrofoil E-Bike Basic

Abbadia Lariana

​Discover and take complete mastery of our Hydrofoil


Enjoy Lake Como independently.

N.B: Max weight 90Kg


Learn the techniques necessary to use the Hydrofoil E-Bike in complete autonomy and enjoy Lake Como. We have developed a training course to learn and perfect this new discipline. You will have a dedicated teacher at your disposal who will follow you throughout your learning journey.

Individual course

Book the lesson according to your needs without constraints.

Couple Course

Do you want to undertake this experience with a friend or your partner? This is the right course.

Course program:

-Introductory explanation, main components and operation;

-Basic maintenance;

- Access to the water, setup and preparation for starting from the bottom in shallow water;

-Departure from the seabed in shallow water initially assisted and subsequently autonomously;


-Acquisition of confidence in pedaling and turning even in windy and/or choppy water situations;

-Reentry maneuvers; 

-Departure from deep water;

How long?

The course is completed in approximately 4 hours divided into several one-hour lessons, it all depends on your balance.


Exclusive advantages

At the end of the course you will be issued a card which will allow you to access the following benefits:

-30% discount on all rentals;

-Access to Hydrofoil E-Bike rental from centers participating in the program;

-Access to exclusive promotions; -Purchase of dedicated packages.

Mandatory and recommended equipment

- Buoyancy aid provided by us (Required)

- Rock shoes (Strongly recommended)

- Light wetsuit (Recommended)

- Goggles (Recommended)


Book now the day and time you prefer and show up a quarter of an hour early.

N.B: Maximum weight 90Kg for E-bikes.

Hydrofoil E-Bike
Hydrofoil E-Bike
Online Booking Required
Abbadia Lariana
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